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Red Maple Leaf December 27/16: The Canadian Press announced Penny Oleksiak as Canada's "Female Athlete of the Year".

Red Maple Leaf December 13/16: Congratulations to Penny Oleksiak, Canada's "Athlete of the Year" for 2016, winning the Lou Marsh award.
Penny Oleksiak

Red Maple Leaf New Webpage in the Sports section for our Paralympian Medalists

Red Maple Leaf Aurélie Rivard is Canada's Flag Bearer at the Closing Ceremony of the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

Red Maple Leaf David Eng is Canada's Flag Bearer at the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio September 7-18.

2016 Paralympics
Canadian Women: 6 2 1 9 Medals
Canadian Men: 2 7 9 18 Medals
Mixed Teams: 0 1 1 2 Medals
Totals: 8 10 11 29 Medals

Red Maple Leaf The Olympics are over but a couple of new websites show that the athletes haven't been forgotten. There's Women Champions for those still competing, and My Game Plan for those beginning life after competition.

Red Maple Leaf Canadians made a fantastic showing for a Summer Games winning 22 medals at Rio 2016. We're very proud and appreciative of their efforts.

Red Maple Leaf August 21/16: Penny Oleksiak has been chosen as Canada's Flag Bearer in the Closing Ceremonies.

Red Maple Leaf July 21/16: Gold Medallist (Trampoline) Rosie MacLennan will carry Canada's Flag on August 5th at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Canadian Women: 3 2 11 16 Medals
Canadian Men: 1 1 4 6 Medals
Totals: 4 3 15 22 Medals

Red Maple Leaf August 20/16: Medal #22 is the BRONZE for the Cross-Country Mountain Bike event won by Catharine Pendrel.

Red Maple Leaf August 20/16: So far our athletes who have competed, and medalled, in more than one event are Penny Oleksiak - 4, Taylor Ruck - 2, Meaghan Benfeito - 2, and Andre De Grasse - 3.

Red Maple Leaf August 20/16: Medal #21 is the BRONZE for the Men's 4x100-metre Relay won by Akeem Haynes, Aaron Brown, Brendon Rodney and Andre De Grasse (his THIRD medal!).

Red Maple Leaf August 19/16: Medal #20 is the BRONZE for Women's Soccer led by Captain Christine Sinclair and her team of Janine Beckie, Josée Bélanger, Kadeisha Buchanan, Allysha Chapman, Sabrina D'Angelo, Jessie Fleming, Stephanie Labbé, Ashley Lawrence, Diana Matheson, Nichelle Prince, Rebecca Quinn, Deanne Rose, Sophie Schmidt, Desiree Scott, Melissa Tancredi, Rhian Wilkinson, and Shelina Zadorsky.

Red Maple Leaf August 19/16: Medal #19 is the BRONZE for Individual Equestrian Jumping won by Eric Lamaze.

Red Maple Leaf August 19/16: Eighteen Medals now that Andre De Grasse has won SILVER in the 200-metre Sprint.

Red Maple Leaf August 18/16: Medal #17 is the BRONZE for Men's Decathalon won by Damian Warner.

Red Maple Leaf August 18/16: Our Sixteenth Medal was won by Erica Wiebe who took GOLD in the Wrestling 75-kg category.

Red Maple Leaf August 18/16: Medal #15 was won by Meaghan Benfeito who took BRONZE in Individual 10-metre Platform Diving.

Red Maple Leaf August 16/16: Canadian Men won our 13 and 14th Medals with Andre De Grasse winning BRONZE in the 100-metre Sprint, and Derek Drouin winning GOLD in the High Jump.

Red Maple Leaf August 13/16: Brianne Theisen-Eaton won the BRONZE, our Twelfth Medal, for Heptathalon. First time a Canadian has medalled in this 7-event sport of 100-metre hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200-metre, long jump, javelin, and 800-metres.

Red Maple Leaf August 13/16: Our Eleventh Medal is the BRONZE for Track Cycling Team Pursuit won by Allison Beveridge, Jasmin Glaesser, Kirsti Lay and Georgia Simmerling.

Red Maple Leaf August 12/16: Medal #10 is another Swimming win! the BRONZE won by Hilary Caldwell in the 200-metre Backstroke.

Red Maple Leaf August 12/16: Rosie MacLennan did it again! winning the GOLD in Trampoline just like she did at London in 2012. That was Canada's only Gold Medal then, and this is Canada's 9th Medal at Rio.

Red Maple Leaf August 12/16: Our Eighth Medal is the SILVER for Lightweight Double Sculls Rowing won by Lindsay Jennerich and Patricia Obee.

Red Maple Leaf August 11/16: Penny Oleksiak wins GOLD in the 100-metre Freestyle Swimming and is a golden performer having set a new Canadian record for winning FOUR medals in these Summer Olympic Games.

Red Maple Leaf August 10/16: Our Sixth Medal is Penny Oleksiak's Third Medal and Taylor Ruck's Second Medal! Katerine Savard, Taylor Ruck, Brittany MacLean, and Penny Oleksiak won BRONZE in the Women's 4x200 metre freestyle relay.

Red Maple Leaf August 9/16: Medal #5 is a BRONZE won by Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion in Women's Synchronised 10m Platform Diving.

Red Maple Leaf August 8/16: Two More Medals! Kylie Masse tied for BRONZE in the Women's 100-metre backstroke. The BRONZE in the Women's Rugby Sevens was won by our 12-member team: Britt Benn, Hannah Darling, Bianca Farella, Ghislaine Landry, Megan Lukan, Kayla Moleschi, Karen Paquin, Kelly Russell, Ashley Steacy, Natasha Watcham-Roy, Charity Williams and Team Captain Jen Kish.

Red Maple Leaf August 7/16: Second Medal for Canada and the Second Medal for Penny Oleksiak who won the SILVER in Swimming for the Women's 100-metre Butterfly.

Red Maple Leaf August 6/16: Our First Medal at Rio! Chantal Van Landeghem, Taylor Ruck, Sandrine Mainville, and Penny Oleksiak won BRONZE in the Women's 4x100 metre freestyle relay.

Red Maple Leaf For the first time ever a Canadian athlete, Georgia Simmerling, will have competed in different events at three Olympics: Cycling - Track in Rio 2016, Freestyle Cross Skiing in Sochi 2014, and Alpine Skiing in Vancouver 2010!

Red Maple Leaf Congrats to all of the athletes who will be representing Canada in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, with special mention to the women of Team Canada:

  • Archery
    PICARD, Georcy Thiffeault
  • Athletics (Running, Jumping, and Throwing)
    AHBE, Kelsie
    BERNARD, Maria
    BINGHAM, Khamica
    BISHOP, Melissa
    BROWN, Alicia
    CHASE-TAYLOR, Chanice
    CLARKE, Kendra
    CREW, Brittany
    DUCHENE, Krista
    EMMANUEL, Crystal
    GEORGE, Phylicia
    GLEADLE, Elizabeth (Liz)
    HOLDER, Nikkita
    HYACINTHE, Kimberly
    JACQUES, Farah
    KURTIMAH, Marissa
    LALONDE, Geneviève
    MARCHANT, Lanni
    MONTCALM, Noelle
    MUIR, Carline
    NETTEY, Christabel
    NEWELL, Annika
    NEWMAN, Alysha
    O'CONNELL, Jessica
    POWELL, Micha
    SECCAFIEN, Andrea
    SIFUENTES, Nicole
    SMITH, Jessica
    STAFFORD, Gabriela
    STEACY, Heather
    SUTTIE, Taryn
    TESCHUK, Erin
    TREASURE, Alyxandria
    WATSON, Sage
    WHYTE, Angela
    WODAK, Natasha
  • Badminton
    LI, Michelle
  • Basketball
    ACHONWA, Natalie
    Ayim, Miranda
    FIELDS, Nirra
    GAUCHER, Kim
    LANGLOIS, Miah-Marie
    MURPHY, Lizanne
    NURSE, Kia
    PLOUFFE, Katherine
    PLOUFFE, Michelle
    TATHAM, Tamara
    THORBURN, Shona
  • Beach Volleyball
  • BANSLEY, Heather
    BRODER, Jamie
    PAVAN, Sarah
    VALJAS, Kristina
  • Boxing
    BUJOLD, Mandy
  • Canoe/Kayak - Sprint
    FOURNEL, Émilie
    LANGLOIS, Andréanne
    ORTON, Genevieve
  • Cycling - Mountain Bike
    BATTY, Emily
    PENDREL, Catharine
  • Cycling - Road
    CANUEL, Karol-Ann
    WHITTEN, Tara
  • Cycling - Track
    BEVERIDGE, Allison
    BROWN, Laura
    GLAESSER, Jasmin
    LAY, Kirsti
    O'BRIEN, Kate
    SIMMERLING, Georgia
    SULLIVAN, Monique
  • Diving
    ABEL, Jennifer
    BENFEITO, Meaghan
    FILION, Roseline
    WARE, Pamela
  • Equestrian - Dressage
    LANE, Megan
    TRUSSELL, Belinda
  • Equestrian - Eventing
    HOWARD, Rebecca
    LOACH, Colleen
    PHOENIX, Jessica
    ROBINSON, Kathryn
  • Equestrian - Jumping
    FOSTER, Tiffany
    MILLAR, Amy
  • Fencing
    HARVEY, Eleanor
    MACKINNON, Leonora
  • Golf
    HENDERSON, Brooke
    SHARP, Alena
  • Gymnastics - Artistic
    BLACK, Ellie
    OLSEN, Shallon
    ONYSHKO, Isabela
    ROGERS, Brittany
    WOO, Rose-Kaying
  • Gymnastics - Trampoline
    MACLENNAN, Rosie
  • Heptathalon
    THEISEN-EATON, Brianne
  • Judo
    GUICA, Ecaterina
    ZUPANCIC, Kelita
  • Modern Pentathalon
    MCCANN, Melanie
    VAKALIS, Donna
  • Rowing
    FILMER, Caileigh
    GRAINGER, Susanne
    HARE, Nicole
    JENNERICH, Lindsay
    MARTINS, Jennifer
    MASTRACCI, Natalie
    NURSE, Cristy
    OBEE, Patricia
    ROMAN, Lisa
    ROPER, Christine
    WILKINSON, Lauren
    ZEEMAN, Carling
  • Rugby
    BENN, Britt
    DARLING, Hannah
    FARELLA, Bianca
    KISH, Jen
    LANDRY, Ghislaine
    LUKAN, Megan
    MOLESCHI, Kayla
    PAQUIN, Karen
    RUSSELL, Kelly
    STEACY, Ashley
    WATCHAM-ROY, Natasha
    WILLIAMS, Charity
  • Sailing
    BOWSKILL, Brenda
    BOYD, Dannie
    GIRKE, Nikola
    RAFUSE, Erin
  • Shooting
    KIEJKO, Lynda
    MEYER, Cynthia
  • Soccer
    BECKIE, Janine
    BÉLANGER, Josée
    BUCHANAN, Kadeisha
    CHAPMAN, Allysha
    D'ANGELO, Sabrina
    FLEMING, Jessie
    LABBÉ, Stephanie
    LAWRENCE, Ashley
    MATHESON, Diana
    PRINCE, Nichelle
    QUINN, Rebecca
    ROSE, Deanne
    SCHMIDT, Sophie
    SCOTT, Desiree
    SINCLAIR, Christine
    TANCREDI, Melissa
    WILKINSON, Rhian
    ZADORSKY, Shelina
  • Swimming
    BOUCHARD, Dominique
    CALDWELL, Hilary
    GOSS, Kennedy
    LACROIX, Audrey
    MACLEAN, Brittany
    MAINVILLE, Sandrine
    MASSE, Kylie
    MCCABE, Martha
    NICOL, Rachel
    OLEKSIAK, Penny
    OVERHOLT, Emily
    PICKREM, Sydney
    RUCK, Taylor
    SAVARD, Katerine
    SMITH, Kierra
    THOMAS, Noemie
    VAN LANDEGHEM, Chantal
    WILLIAMS, Michelle
  • Synchronized Swimming
    SIMONEAU, Jacqueline
    THOMAS, Karine
  • Table Tennis
    ZHANG, Mo
  • Taekwando
    PAGNOTTA, Melissa
  • Tennis
    BOUCHARD, Eugenie
  • Triathalon
    BRAULT, Sarah-Anne
    KRETZ, Amelie
    SWEETLAND, Kirsten
  • Weightlifting
  • Wrestling
    FAZZARI, Michelle Cristina
    GALLAYS, Jillian
    LAPPAGE, Danielle
    MIAN, Jasmine
    WIEBE, Erica
    YEATS, Dori

Red Maple Leaf July 4-16/16: Best Wishes to Qi Qi, and the rest of Math Team Canada, participating in the International Mathematical Olympiads

Red Maple Leaf June 12/16: Brooke Henderson, 18, from Smith Falls, Ontario has won the KPMG Women's PGA Championship!

Red Maple Leaf May 29/16: Congratulations to Maggie Tucker for her strong showing at the 2016 IFMA MuayThai World Championships in Jonkoping, Sweden.

Red Maple Leaf April 4/16: Team Canada took silver after a tight game for the Gold Medal losing 1-0 in overtime to Team USA in the 2016 Women's World Hockey Championship in Kamloops.

  • Provincial Flag Meghan AGOSTA born February 12, 1987 Ruthven, Ontario
  • Provincial Flag Bailey BRAM born September 5, 1990 Ste. Anne, Manitoba
  • Provincial Flag Emily CLARK November 28, 1995 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Provincial Flag Sarah DAVIS June 23, 1992 Paradise, Newfoundland/Labrador
  • Provincial Flag Laura FORTINO born January 30,1991 Hamilton, Ontario
  • Provincial Flag Erica HOWE born July 17, 1992 Orleans, Ontario
  • Provincial Flag Brianne JENNER born May 4, 1991 Oakville, Ontario
  • Provincial Flag Rebecca JOHNSTON born September 24, 1989 Sudbury, Ontario
  • Provincial Flag Halli KRZYZANIAK born February 4, 1995 Neepawa, Manitoba
  • Provincial Flag Charline LABONTÉ born October 15, 1982 Boisbriand, Quebec
  • Provincial Flag Brigette LACQUETTE born November 11, 1992 Mallard, Manitoba
  • Provincial Flag Jocelyne LAROCQUE born May 19, 1988 Ste. Anne, Manitoba
  • Provincial Flag Emerance MASCHMEYER born May 10, 1994 in Bruderheim, Alberta
  • Provincial Flag Meaghan MIKKELSON born January 4,1985 St. Albert, Alberta
  • Provincial Flag Marie-Philip POULIN born March 28, 1991 Beauceville, Quebec
  • Provincial Flag Jamie Lee RATTRAY born September 30, 1992 Kanata, Ontario
  • Provincial Flag Lauriane ROUGEAU born April 12, 1990 Beaconsfield, Quebec
  • Provincial Flag Jillian SAULNIER born March 7, 1992 Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Provincial Flag Natalie SPOONER born October 17, 1990 Scarborough, Ontario
  • Provincial Flag Blayre TURNBULL July 15, 1993 Stellarton, Nova Scotia
  • Provincial Flag Jennifer WAKEFIELD born June 15, 1989 Pickering, Ontario
  • Provincial Flag Tara WATCHORN born May 30, 1990 Newcastle, Ontario
  • Provincial Flag Hayley WICKENHEISER born August 12, 1978 Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

Red Maple Leaf March 27/16: Team Canada lost the Bronze Medal in a hard-fought game to Team Russia with a final score of 9-8. A disappointment but some great curling in the 2016 Ford World Women Curling Championship.

  • Provincial Flag Chelsea CAREY born September 12, 1984 Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Provincial Flag Amy NIXON born September 29, 1977 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Provincial Flag Susan O'CONNOR born May 3, 1977 Calgary, Alberta
  • Provincial Flag Jocelyn PETERMAN born September 23, 1993 Red Deer, Alberta
  • Provincial Flag Laine PETERS born March 24, 1970 Carrot River, Saskatchewan



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